On the [Properties] tab, you can view and configure the properties of the printer.

Displays [Product Name] and [Serial Number] of the printer. It also allows you to configure [Name], [Location], [Contact Person], and [Administrator E-Mail Address] of the printer.

General Setup:
[Port Status]
Allows you to enable or disable each port.

Port Settings:

Protocol Settings:


The following describes how to navigate the [Properties] pages.

Navigating the [Properties] Pages

To display the settings:

  1. Select an item you want to view or configure in the left frame. If the items below each folder are not displayed, click the [+] sign on the left of each folder to reveal the hidden items.

    The settings of the item are displayed in the right frame.

To change the settings:

  1. Change the settings using the drop-down menus, text boxes, and check boxes.

    The current settings in the drop down menus are indicated with an asterisk (*).

    Some text boxes accept non-alphanumeric characters. However, if you enter non-alphanumeric characters into text boxes, the entire characters may not be saved even if they are displayed in the text boxes. For details, refer to Saving Non-Alphanumeric Characters.

  2. When you are finished with the settings, click the [Apply] button at the bottom of the right frame.

    The new settings are transmitted and applied to the printer.
    Some settings may not become effective unless you reboot the printer from the CentreWare Internet Services or manually switch it off and then on after clicking the [Apply] button.

    When changing the settings, the user name and password of the printer's administrator may be requested. Enter the administrator login ID and password specified in [Administrator Settings].

    To cancel the new settings, click the [Undo] button.