The features and screen configurations of the CentreWare Internet Services are as follows.

What is CentreWare Internet Services?

CentreWare Internet Services is a software application that enables you to display, set, and modify parameters and the current status of the printer from a computer via a web browser.

By using the CentreWare Internet Services, from a computer on a network you can execute network settings normally configured from the operator panel of the printer.

To begin, enter your printer's IP address in the address bar of your web browser as follows: http://(printer's IP address). The home page of your printer appears. Information on the features of your printer appears on this page. Click on any of the feature buttons ([Status], [Jobs], [Properties], or [Support]) to enter into the CentreWare Internet Services pages of these items properly.

The CentreWare Internet Services pages are divided into three frames. The details can be found in "Page Display Format".

The CentreWare Internet Services is available only when the printer is connected to a network.

Page Display Format

The layout of the CentreWare Internet Services is divided into the following three frames.

Header Frame
Left Frame Right Frame

Header Frame

Left Frame

Right Frame

User Authentication and Security

Depending on the authentication setup of the printer, you may be prompted to enter a user name and password to use the printer via the network.
The default ID and password are "admin" and "NECPRADMIN".

Saving Non-Alphanumeric Characters

The printer uses Unicode UTF-8 to save characters. In general, UTF-8 requires 2 to 4 bytes to save a non-alphanumeric character.
Therefore, if you enter non-alphanumeric characters in text boxes, the entire characters may not be saved even if they are displayed in the text boxes.