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VMware ESXi 5.1 Installable NEC Custom ISO Image Release Notes

NEC Custom ISO Image (Version 5.1.0-01)
Updated Date: Sep. 20, 2012
VMware vSphere version number: ESXi 5.1 (build 799733)

NEC Custom ISO Image includes the basic device drivers which are required for running VMware ESXi 5 on NEC servers.
When you install ESXi 5 on an NEC server, please be sure to use NEC Custom ISO Image.

Components of image

What component Name of component Version Build Link to VMware Download Center
NIC Driver Broadcom 1G NIC 3.123b.v50.1 682322 Go to VMware
NIC Driver Broadcom 10G NIC 1.72.54.v50.2 735414 Go to VMware
RAID Driver Promise Technology SAS HBA 4.07.0000.75 542120 Go to VMware
Custom Configuration NEC Configuration 5.1.0-01 - -

Hardware compatibility

Please use NEC servers certified by VMware.
For details, please see the VMware Certified Compatibility Guides.

Installation notes

NEC Custom ISO Image can be used for both fresh install and upgrade from ESX/ESXi 4.
For details, please visit the NEC PP Support Portal Site.

Known Issues

No issue is reported for to this NEC Custom ISO Image.
For general known issues of vSphere 5.1, please see the release notes of VMware website.

Support information for Custom Image

Support related to NEC Custom Image is exclusively provided to NEC customers with a maintenance support contract.