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What is NUA?
NUA is an acronym for the NEC C&C System Users’ Association. This is a group of computer users, such as Japanese industries, government offices and academic institutions that implement NEC products and services. This is a place where various types of users can communication with disparate business types to deepen social exchanges.
NUA members mutually exchange know-how and knowledge of information systems in an effort to attain more superior information system development and activities.
These members are able to get information of new NEC products and the latest updates, and to ask NEC for product and service improvements. This is a major pipe-line connecting NEC and its products’ users.

Management・Mangers Administrative personnel

Utilizing IT in Management
Hint-filled seminars and training provided

Creating a human network to increase your opportunities to do business
Full line-up of events from banquets attended by hundreds to small, over-night seminars; Each designed to cover wide-ranging topics, or to deepen mutual exchanges.

Efficient personnel training
Providing a variety of opportunities in the form of seminars, study groups and training to aid young workers to improve their skills.

To better use NEC products and services
In activities such as our study groups, we use actually NEC system products to enable users to request product improvements directly to NEC.

Attaining hints and ideas for solving problems
Exchange knowledge and know-how with other companies facing similar problems.

Get the latest IT information
Listen to explanations of the latest technical trends or actual episodes of example from users. Get the latest on NEC products and services.
Management・Mangers Administrative personnel

NUA activities that are close to the community and expanding across the country
Activities that are close to the community
In 10 locations across the country there are NUA (local NUA) where users of each locale gather. It is easy to participate in activities occurring at each locale; users can closely exchange information between each other.

Activities expanding across the country
Each NUA member is free to participate in any and all NUA activities at the national level. Get the latest information usually hard to get in certain localities through all NUA activities, and exchange with other NUA members from other locations.


Organization magazine “CONSENSUS” subscription
The organization magazine "CONSENSUS” is provided full of user examples and the latest IT information from NEC, plus reports from NUA events. (Six issues/Year)

“Research Paper Report” subscription
Once a year, NEC conducts a user example research paper examination and issues a collection of the winning research papers in “Research Paper Report.” There you can read finely written reports by our users in a batch.

NUA WORLD member limited contents
Member limited contents are provided in the homepage “NUA WORLD.”

Events and seminar priority services
Front-line information about NEC’s seminars for administrators and managers by priority.

Plenty of benefits for NUA members such as NUA member dedicated courses (charged) such as “new employee training,” and “Internet training” in the area of collective training.