Do any of these issues apply to you?

  • You are worried about whether your local vendor can install your system properly.
  • The local vendor suddenly stops providing support for the developed or selected system due to business failure or employee resignation.
  • Operations rely heavily on the decisions and skills of the person in charge whose sudden absence or resignation can cause operations to be suspended.
  • Lack of coordination between inventory information and order-related information causes delivery delays and excess inventory.
  • Work data separately managed by the person in charge of each operation leads to fragmented information.
  • Lack of visibility of inventory and work in progress

SAP Business One and
NEC Indonesia can help you resolve these problems!

Key attributes of SAP Business One

  • Point 1
    Information needed for management is integrated into one database.
  • Point 2
    Performance can be assessed in real time.
  • Point 3
    Basic operational manuals eliminate deviations in operations.
  • Point 4
    Software is provided by SAP, the No. 1 market share holder in the ERP industry.
  • Point 5
    Adaptable to accounting rules and taxation forms unique to Indonesia.
Image of operational integration through deployment of SAP Business One
Image of operational integration through deployment of SAP Business One

Effects of SAP Business One deployment

Example: Japanese manufacturer of packaging materials
  • We were able to cut down on the number of days needed to create reports for end-of-term settlement.
  • Every time someone resigned, we needed time to train new staff, but the easy-to-understand manuals helped ease the handover and training process.
Example: Japanese manufacturer of automobile parts
  • We can obtain the data we need when we want it, without having to wait several days for someone else to provide it to us.
  • We were able to reduce the time required to check inventory because we no longer needed to look at large numbers of products and discrepancies in quantity within different versions of Excel files.

NEC Indonesia provides:

  • Japanese quality system deployment
  • A track record of deployment in over
    30 Japanese companies in Indonesia
  • Reliable deployment and support leveraging NEC Group resources
  • Sales staff and system engineers who understand differences in culture and commercial practices
  • Assured project execution in coordination with
    operations in Japan
  • Provision of total solution packages spanning from
    applications to IT infrastructure

You can count on SAP Business One and NEC Indonesia!

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