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Supercomputing Conference SC14


Currently, there are various kinds of issues on the earth. The complicated and large-scale issues need to be solved as efficiently and quickly as possible, and social environment which people can live safely beyond the differences of countries or regions needs to be created. NEC HPC solutions have continued to improve dynamically as the most advanced research tool in various fields and contributed problem-solving all over the world.

At SC14, NEC booth will have several exhibitions of SX-ACE Lite, Express5800/E120f-M, the phase change cooling technology, and LXFS.

Date and Venue

 Date  November 17 - 20, 2014
 Venue  Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA, US

Booth Location

We look forward to seeing you at booth #1131.

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NEC Booth


  • SX-ACE Lite (The latest vector supercomputer)
  • Express5800/E120f-M (High density server)
  • Phase Change Cooling Rak (Cutting edge cooling technology)
  • LXFS (File system solution)

Booth presentation

November 18

 12:00-  Towards Tsubame 3.0 and 4.0
              TITECH / Prof. Satoshi Matsuoka
 13:30-  SX-ACE Vector Supercomputer
              NEC / Mr. Toshikazu Aoyama
 14:30-  High Density Server and Next Generation Cooling
              NEC / Mr. Toshimune Ebata
 15:30-  Early Experiences with SX-ACE:
            Its Performance Evaluation using Real Applications
              Tohoku University / Prof. Hiroaki Kobayashi
 16:30-  TBD
              Ulm University / TBD

November 19

 11:30-  LXFS High Performance Scalable Parallel Filesystem
              NEC / Mr. Alexander Meck
 13:30-  Some interesting observations regarding performance
            and energy consumption on a NEC LX cluster
              RRZE / Dr. Georg Hager
 14:30-  Next JAMSTEC supercomputer system
              JAMSTEC / Mr. Keni'chi Itakura
 15:30-  TBD
              HLRS / Mr. Uwe Kuster
 16:30-  TBD
              Ulm University / TBD

November 20

 11:30-  Some interesting observations regarding performance
          and energy consumption on a NEC LX cluster
              RRZE / Dr. Georg Hager
 13:30-  NEC Next Generation Vector Supercomputer
              NEC /

Stamp Rally

Please visit NEC's customers booths and collect stamps.
You will get a free gift at NEC's booth after collecting all stamps.

  • Oakleaf/Kashiwa Alliance, The University of Tokyo (Booth #713)
  • CMC (Booth #851)
  • TITECH (Booth #1857)
  • HLRS (Booth #2749)
  • Tohoku University (Booth #3545)
  • JAMSTEC (Booth #3721)

NEC Participation

Exhibitor Forum

Date  11:30am - 12:00pm, November 19
Venue  292
Speaker  Dr. Shintaro MOMOSE, NEC Corporation
Title  NEC SX-ACE Vector Supercomputer and Future Direction