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Supercomputing Conference SC13


Currently, there are various kinds of issues on the earth. The complicated and large-scale issues need to be solved as efficiently and quickly as possible, and social environment which people can live safely beyond the differences of countries or regions needs to be created. NEC vector supercomputer SX series have continued to improve dynamically as the most advanced research tool in various fields and contributed problem-solving all over the world since the first release in 1983.

At SC13, NEC showcased SX-ACE®.

Date and Venue

 Date  November 18 - 21,2013
 Venue  Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO, US

NEC Booth


  • SX-ACE Rack
  • SX-ACE 2-node module
  • Express5800/HR120b-1
  • LXLC Series

Booth presentation

     CSCS / Mr. Luc Corbeil

     JAMSTEC / Dr. Ken'ichi Itakura

     Juniper networks / Mr. Jay Wilson

     RRZE / Prof. Gerhard Wellein

     The University of Tokyo / Dr. Shusuke Kasamatsu

     Tohoku University / Prof. Hiroaki Kobayashi

     Tohoku University / Dr. Kentaro Sano

     NEC / Dr. Shintaro Momose